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1972  Establishment of the company INTERCABLE by
          Herbert Mutschlechner

1986  His two sons Klaus and Kurt begin working at the company

1988  Production of plastic components begins

1996  Establishment of the Joint Venture with Schlemmer Italy

2000  Establishment of the Joint Venture with Schlemmer Tunisi
          and Marocco

2002  Cooperation with the firm Bonomi Eugenio SpA 
          of Montichiari

2005  Cooperation with the firm G. Adolf Lemp 
          in Remscheid (GER)

2007  Establishment of the company Intercable Tunisia

2008  Cooperation with the company Joiner’s Bench 
          in Remscheid (GER)

2009  Purchase of the firm Weitkowitz in Peine (GER)

2009  Establishment of the firm Intercable Germany
          in Remscheid (GER)

2016  Establishment of the Joint Venture
          Ningbo Ying Feng in Ningbo (PR China)

2017  New Global Sales & Marketing Office in
          Frankfurt (GER)

2018  Establishment of a new production plant
          in Kriváň (SVK)

Video : Intercable a story of success

Service is a strength

It is important to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

A customer relationship is a matter of trust. This trust is built upon our company's long-standing quality policy, which makes it one of our priorities to identify the needs and expectations of users in order to fulfil them in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The demands of our customers and the competition encourage us to constantly strive to expand our offerings and optimize our products in order to improve our quality and environmental performance. 


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